My Top 5 “Loves” of Ashford Acres Inn

Ashford Acres Inn staff member, Chelsea Hill contributed this blog post. She has worked at the Inn since April and has been a wonderful addition to our team! Thank you Chelsea for taking a moment to write about what you love about Ashford Acres!

Woman standing in front of inn, a large White House with four columns in front and trees in yard

Chelsea Hill, Ashford Acres Inn Staff Member

Ashford Acres Inn has quickly become a home away from home for me, despite being my place of work. Not just the grounds or the home itself, but the people, including the guests, make it such an outstanding place to work as well as retreat. Prior to working with Ashford Acres Inn, my mother-in-law hosted a bridal shower for me there. It was love at first site… with Ashford Acres I mean (I love my husband too though)! From a list of what seems like infinite favorites, I have selected my top 5 favorite aspects of Ashford Acres Inn, most being the small things that may not make the headlines, but make ALL the difference in a getaway or wedding day!

Front of Inn white walls and white columns trees in yard in front

Ashford Acres Inn. Photograph by Christian Giannelli.

My first favorite and perhaps the most obvious, is the grandeur of the inn itself. Its classic, original crown moldings, chandeliers, and fireplaces make for the most amazing backdrops for photos with little to no effort on the part of the guest. While the inn feels rich and grand, the staff are always there to serve with relaxed, southern hospitality, bottom line. They cater to your needs and wants, and tailor your experience to make it exactly what YOU are looking for. It was this outstanding service that made me want to be a part of the team at Ashford Acres Inn. 

Window of diner called Bianke's blinds and name painted on window

Biancke’s Restaurant in Cynthiana, Kentucky. Photograph by Shonda Judy.

Secondly, I love the small town experience. Cynthiana, Kentucky, where Ashford Acres Inn is located, is the definition of small town America. What once was a booming, river city has become a quiet and quaint town in all the best ways. You won’t find an Applebee’s around the corner or an Olive Garden up the street, but rather Biancke’s Restaurant, a hometown favorite full of mouth-watering, home cooked meals! Attached, The Station at Biancke’s, sparks nightlife in Cynthiana with a fantastic Old Fashioned made with Kentucky Bourbon and many more cocktails to choose from. These are just the beginning of the list of small town accommodations offered in Cynthiana!

Sitting room with fire in fireplace, shelves next to fireplace with antiques and books on shelves, blue arm chair with red pillow, glass and gold coffee table and grey couch.

The Sitting Room at Ashford Acres Inn. Photograph by Christian Giannelli.

Adorned with lovely antiques including classic children’s novels, silver pieces, even war medals from Jack Owen, the former owner of the house, the sitting room makes the house a home. It draws guests away from their rooms to enjoy a cocktail together, read a book by the fire, or play a game as a family. The attention to detail in this room with the warm quilts, comfy furniture, and large windows never ceases to entice you in. It is my personal favorite place to be on the grounds. 

Pot roast, two rolls and a green salad on a table with a white tablecloth on an outdoor veranda with arches, white lights and a magnolia tree.

Dinner on the veranda at Ashford Acres Inn. Photograph by Ashlyn Riley Photography.

Privacy or fellowship, the choice is yours at Ashford Acres Inn. When dining at the inn you may choose to be in one of our in-house locations like the dining rooms or sitting room, where other guests may also be dining giving you the opportunity, if you wish, to share stories of travel, tips on destinations, or simply a cocktail. Whatever the conversation, I personally love the opportunity to engage with other travelers from other places! That being said, I have also celebrated my anniversary at Ashford Acres Inn in which case I wanted my experience to be a little more personal. We enjoyed a walk on the grounds together and cocktails on the veranda for more privacy! While we did not reserve dinner at the inn, if we had, I would have chosen to have dinner on the barn veranda overlooking the sunset. 

Bed with light green cover, pink and blue pillows, desk in background with chair and landscape painting hanging above.

The Maple Suite at Ashford Acres Inn. Photograph by Christian Giannelli.

Lastly, the sheets. I know, I know, this one seems random, but you wouldn’t think so if you slept on these sheets! After all, this is a BED and breakfast so the sleeping experience is quite important. The sheets at Ashford Acres Inn are, simply put, phenomenal. Unfortunately, they set the standard and make sleeping on any other sheets mediocre. For your convenience, and sanity, we do have these sheets on sale at the inn. 

Small, brick building sitting beneath green trees. White sidewalk leading up to oak wood door. Black shutters.

The Garden Suite at Ashford Acres Inn. Photograph by Christian Giannelli.

Similarly, after staying at Ashford Acres Inn, you realize what you have been missing. It sets the standard for a vacation experience of its kind. We are sad when our guests leave, but love to see them when they return! So many of our guests have become friends, and in my case, employees, because, as I said above, Ashford Acres Inn truly becomes your home away from home. 

1 thought on “My Top 5 “Loves” of Ashford Acres Inn

  1. Chelsea, I agree that the sheets are wonderful!

    When my mother and I stayed at the Inn during the summer of 2017 we thoroughly enjoyed the attention to every detail!

    The setting was beautiful. As a Kentucky native, it brought me back to a time in my childhood growing up in Paris, Kentucky.
    My mother grew up in the area
    and she felt right at home.

    Having a walk around the downtown area with an early dinner at Biancke’s was nostalgic!
    We both had eaten many a meal in that family owned restaurant years earlier. It was as we remembered and that is a rarity today!

    The breakfast in the Inn was delicious. My mother was enjoying every bit of it! Such kind staff and service.

    I would have to say that the guest snack area was a bonus- so convenient and fully stocked with most everything needed to relax after a full day ( bring your own wine or Bourbon).

    We will return at some point and I look forward to our next stay!

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