Autumn in Kentucky: What to do?

Yellow orange leaves on trees in front of antebellum bed and breakfast house.

The early morning air is beginning to feel a little more crisp, the kids are off to school, coffee shops are preparing their pumpkin flavors and soon the leaves above our heads will be changing colors and carpeting the ground beneath our feet. 

Fall is on it’s way to Kentucky!

Dust off your knee high boots, freshen up the scarves you stored away in late spring and get your calendar out to make your fall-in-Kentucky plans!

Check out some of our favorite things to do in Kentucky during this cool and colorful season.

Horse in a field on crisp morning with sun shining through trees

  • Let’s start with a Kentucky classic – Horses. 

Have you visited Whispering Woods Riding Stables yet? If not, gather some friends of all ages and plan a day to horseback ride through true Kentucky woods. It’s such a unique and fun way to enjoy nature and spend a little time with the magnificent creatures our state is known for. I’ve been on many trail rides in my life – on mountainsides, on the beach, in pastures…but this was definitely my favorite equine adventure. 

Visit for information on how to plan your fun, fall horseback riding experience!

Another fun horse themed escapade during fall is visiting Old Friends Thoroughbred Retirement Facility where retired race horses now reside, grazing on Kentucky bluegrass and freely galloping through beautiful green pastures. Fall is the best time to visit Old Friends because the heat and humidity of summer has given way to cooler temperatures and wilted leaves, making your walk between the fences much more comfortable. Be sure to visit Little Silver Charm, who we think is just as entertaining and interesting as all of his taller companions on the farm.

Visit for information on attending a tour.

Window of diner called Bianke's blinds and name painted on window

  • Take a stroll in downtown Cynthiana and get a jump start on your holiday shopping!

Sometimes you need to get away from the fast-paced worlds of work, school, and kid sports schedules. Take a break by strolling along downtown streets filled with unique boutiques, florists, an antique store, a super charming hardware store, a coffee shop, a town museum, restaurants and a brewery. Grab a beer, a bite to eat, take pictures in front of towering murals and if you time it right maybe also catch a movie in one of the oldest movie theaters still showing first-run movies, Roh’s Opera House. (Photo by Shonda Judy)

Rows of pumpkins sit on green grass

  • Can you close the fall season without a good trip, or two, or three to the pumpkin patch? We don’t think so!

Our family favorite pumpkin patch is Bi-Water Farm in Georgetown. We’ve made so many family memories on the hayrides, searching for the perfect pumpkins, watching the bunnies hop around their little town and watching the little ones climb around on the playground. Bi-Water provides fun for the entire family and we suggest picking up a jar of homemade apple butter before you head back home with your wagon full of pumpkins!

Visit to view operating hours.

Bourbon barrels lined up in a warehouse

  • Drinking bourbon is, and should always be, an any-day-of-the-year experience in Kentucky. However, we personally find the fall climate with the turning leaves to be a favorite time to visit a bourbon distillery and taste-test Kentucky’s spirit.

It’s difficult to pin down a single bourbon distillery as being the best. There’s a reason the Bourbon Trail is known throughout the world! Visitors never forget the beauty of the countryside witnessed not only at individual distilleries, but also on scenic drives to the distilleries. One of our favorites to visit is the Woodford Reserve Distillery in Versailles. This world renown bourbon has built it’s own reputation as a near-perfect whiskey, but we believe whole-heartedly (and try hard to live up to this belief at Ashford Acres Inn with our own guests) that the quality of your experience makes everything taste better. Tasting your Woodford Reserve bourbon AT the stunning piece of Kentucky property where it’s made might just make it the best bourbon you’ve ever savored.

Visit to set up your tour.

A man and two women sit in front of a white tent at a fall festival

  • Regardless of the state you’re in, fall festivals are a staple for the season. We might be slightly biased, but we believe fall festivals in Kentucky are the BEST.

To us nothing says fall better than parking in a grass field, shopping for crafts under big, white tents and searching for that once-a-year delicious treat of freshly made doughnuts sold out of a trailer, (which happens to sit very near the blacksmith’s cabin toward the back of the festival. We’ve done this once or twice before). The particular festival we’re referring to is Kentucky’s famous Wool Festival in Falmouth. This juried craft festival is a favorite for Kentuckians and cannot be missed! With endless booths of crafts, live music, a wool and sheep tent that gives the festival its name, shearing and herding demonstrations, and more yummy food trucks than we have room to list, this is the epitome of fall festivals!

Visit for more information about this year’s Wool Festival.

Legs and feet of person balancing on a fallen log in the woods

  • Go hiking and look at those autumn colors! Fall is the perfect time to explore Kentucky’s landscape. 

There are countless hiking trails throughout the state showcasing diverse and exquisite scenery. Various ability levels of trails throughout the state will lead you to natural bridges, flowing streams and stunning waterfalls. Very close to Ashford Acres Inn is Quiet Trails State Nature Preserve, which provides an easy 1.7 mile loop, making it perfect for family hikes, with views of the Licking River. Fall is the perfect time of year to renew your love and fascination with Kentucky’s countryside! We suggest packing a picnic and enjoying an entire afternoon in nature!

Tell us some of your favorite things to do during fall in Kentucky!

Woman with shoulder length blond hair wearing earrings and green vest

Annastasia’s favorite season is fall and so of course, she has a Kentucky fall bucket list! 

Visit the pumpkin patch
Make chili
Have hot cocoa on the front porch
Have a picnic in the cool fall air
Go hiking
Watch Hocus Pocus with friends
Roast pumpkin seeds
Go to fall festivals
Bake a pie
Take a family fall photo
Decorate the house for fall
Go star gazing
Take a scenic drive
Have a bonfire



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