12 Easy Steps to Turn Your Home Into a Temporary Bed & Breakfast for Your Guests

One of the best reasons to stay at a bed and breakfast is the extra pampering you don’t get at a regular hotel. Why not turn your own home into a personal bed and breakfast for your houseguests? If you follow these 12 easy steps, your guests won’t feel like they are intruding on your personal space, and instead will feel like you’re treating them to a relaxing vacation in your home. 

First Impressions are very important! Make sure common areas are clean and organized. Make sure belongings are put away where they are supposed to be (shoes in the shoe area, coats in the closet). If you are strapped for time, (this happens to all of us!) make sure there is a location that you can stash some clutter and come back to after your guests leave. We’ve all done the ‘stuff it in a laundry basket and hide it in the bedroom’ maneuver. There’s nothing wrong with that, as long as the guest areas are neat!

De-clutter. Think: Essentials. Keep the room or area where your guests will sleep clear of personal items, (the box of old clothes you’ve been meaning to donate, framed family pictures, the stack of papers and projects your kid brought home on the last day of school…)  and only keep the essentials around. This will allow your guests to feel like the space is just for them and they aren’t encroaching on your space.

Create ambiance. Open the curtains, dim the overhead light, turn on beside lamps, light candles or maybe even put on your favorite playlist. Spotify and Pandora are great options for already created playlists! 

Clear a place for coats and bags. Maybe even provide guests with a drawer or two. While most guests expect to live out of a suitcase- they will feel more at home if they can unpack the necessities.

Stock up on guest toiletries.
Collect the cute, little toiletries from your past hotel stays or stock up at your local store (Walmart is one of our go-tos!). Provide shampoo, conditioner and a body wash in the shower. Small travel toothpaste and mouthwash are perfect for overnight guests because these are items some people would not be comfortable sharing with past guests. A few other favorites we keep in a basket are makeup wipes, Advil, single use razors, bandages and feminine products. We also recommend keeping a trashcan nearby so guests don’t have to go searching for one. And ALWAYS remember to stock the cabinet with extra toilet paper rolls so your guest doesn’t have to ask for a roll later.

Fresh linens are every guests dream! It’s always a good idea to change the bedsheets closer to guests arrival to keep them feeling fresh and new. Same goes for the towels. This can be done the week of arrival so the stress of last minute to-dos doesn’t creep up on you. And don’t forget to include a washcloth or two, and a hand towel.

Don’t have a guest room? No problem! Invest in an inflatable mattress or prep the couch (keeping sheets and blankets folded nearby and making the bed closer to bedtime).

Provide a bottle of water or a decanter of water with a glass, by their bedside. Your guests will appreciate not having to find the kitchen in the dark in an unfamiliar home.

Pop something on a tray or in the oven! Before your guests arrive, get a sense of what they like to eat and drink. There is nothing that will immediately make guests feel more at home than a snack on their arrival or a home cooked meal! Pair it with a refreshing drink and your guests will begin relaxing as soon as they walk through your door!

Have a little extra time? Pick some flowers from your garden, or a bouquet from the grocery store and add them to the room for a little extra color and beautiful scent. Or, if you know your guests interests, pick up a few magazines you think they would enjoy and leave them on the nightstand. Gestures like these will be very appreciated!

Check the electronics. If there is a television in the room make sure it’s working properly. If there’s a clock on the nightstand, make sure the time is correct. Place an extra charger or a multi-port charging station nearby for easy re-charging. Have the remote control, fan remote or any other controllers in obvious locations. Writing the wifi password on a card for your guests to hold on to will keep your guests from having to ask you later once you’ve both said goodnight.

Ask about food preferences. Before your guests are due to arrive, ask if they have any food allergies or preferences and plan your grocery list accordingly. They will really appreciate you considering their nutritional needs and desires during their stay at your home.

Sit back and enjoy your hospitable home and happy guests!  

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