Our Historic Kentucky Bed and Breakfast

The Lexington and Georgetown area offer much in the way of history, but we humbly suggest that none is as architecturally beautiful, or as welcoming, as our historic inn. From the two-story tall Corinthian columns and the three-brick-thick walls, to the original plaster medallions in the sitting room and dining room, the history of Ashford Acres Inn is present in each room and all around the property.

The Greek Revival style home of Ashford Acres Inn was built in 1858 by local resident John Williams. Williams built the house for his son as a wedding present, but when the wedding was abruptly called off, the house went to his daughter, Caroline, who was married to Cynthiana sheriff, R.T. Lindsay. A story has been passed down that during the Civil War the house was used as a hospital for wounded soldiers, and while Caroline was standing in the east bedroom on the second floor, a cannonball shot through the front wall and out of the side wall.

Between 1865 and 1941 a number of different families resided in the house as originally built, until 1941 when the Owen family purchased the property and fully renovated the house. They added the columns, a dining room, and the veranda, and painted the house white. Much of the beauty of the house that you see today is due to the renovation work performed by the Owen family.

In 2015 Sonia Kirkman bought the property to open Ashford Acres Inn with her sister, Annastasia Hicks. After a year of renovation by Phase IV Contractors the inn was ready to open for business!